20 Years of Friendship in Singapore

Finding a short term rental in Singapore turned out to be a lot easier than I originally suspected. I made the mistake of trying to make reservations at the last minute for a long distance flight. I knew that I would be staying in Singapore nearly a year ago but my own procrastination once again lead me to make the plans last minute. I’m honestly surprised that my friends still agreed to see me despite the near nightmare I turned their own plans into. I try my best, really I do, but I get so sidetracked so easily that things fall apart around me.

Luckily, I have friends who understand me. I have friends who have known me long enough to make plans for me! These are the kinds of friends, the kind of people, that I can’t even describe how thankful I am to have them in my life. I don’t deserve these people. They came into my life when I was very young and have known me for nearly 20 years now. Despite years of having to deal with my frazzled, disorganized methods they have stuck by me no matter what. There’s a sort of love there that can’t be expressed well.

Three of my friends whom I’m visiting in Singapore for Christmas moved out here at the beginning of the year and it has been incredibly difficult for me to adjust to. I feel like both my arms and a leg have been cut off! Nothing quite feels the same without having any of them around. Our weekly routines and rituals that we had built over 20 years of friendship suddenly ceased to exist leaving me wondering what I was going to do with my extra time. Making friends at 30 seems impossible but at least I’m able to visit them here in Singapore.

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