Started My New Job This Week

I can not say this is the greatest job ever, but if this does not kill me. I might end up looking like King Kong. I mean that I am getting a really good work out doing this job. The big thing is that I have to get used to carrying heavy stuff up and down ladders. I am working for this guy who replaces big roof systems and does commercial roof repair in Morris county NJ. I really do not have much idea f what I am doing and I am definitely the low guy on the totem pole. So I have about six or seven other guys who are all telling what I am supposed to do. In essence I am like a beast of burden it seems a lot of the time. You can think about it very simple. You are up on a roof, the roof is about about three stories high usually. So far it has been like that, but they obviously work even higher of the ground. The stuff is in the trucks when it starts out and you have to get it up on that roof. Then at the end of the day you turn around and put it back in the truck.

Obviously you leave some stuff on the roof over the night if you are going to come back in the morning. That does not go for the tools though. Some jerk would probably get a ladder and steal your tools if you did. The stuff you put on the roof, the coatings, it is valuable too, but it is not going to be a lot of use to the random person who does not know how to put it on and has a different type of roof on the house he lives in.