Keep the Mirror a Secret

While my parents were away on a business trip, I decided to have a little house party with some of my college friends. I initially invited around 20 people, but each of those 20 people brought friends, who also brought friends, and then I had over 100 people in my home. The party got pretty wild, but luckily no one called the police. While cleaning up after the party, I noticed that a mirror in one of the bathrooms was broken. I panicked, and started looking for a mirror installer in Brooklyn. If my parents saw that broken mirror, they would kill me.

I had three days until my parents came back, which was enough time under normal conditions to get a new mirror installed, but there was just one problem. I was a little short on cash, so I had to find an installer that would fit into my budget. I was really getting worried when all of the installers that I found charged way more than I was able to pay. I thought I was doomed, but I was able to find one company that had a price within my range, and I had them install a mirror in the bathroom.

My parents came back and took a look at the house to see if anything was wrong. They searched every inch of the house, but couldn’t find anything wrong. I thought I was in the clear, but there was one detail I forgot. There was a receipt for the bill from the installation, and I left it on the counter in the kitchen. While my parents were making a snack, they noticed the receipt and started reading it. My parents confronted me about the receipt and that’s when I told them the whole story about the broken mirror and the party.

The Death of the Pest

I needed a severe case of pest control in Brooklyn after I had both rats and bugs in my home. The bugs came first, and I tried my best to get rid of them by using some pesticides that I purchased form that local hardware store, but they just kept coming. No matter what I sprayed, they wouldn’t go away. They would appear in every room, and I just go so sick of seeing them. Then the rats came, and I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. Rather than trying to deal with them by buying various traps, I just settled for pest control.

I looked for a local Brooklyn company that would be able to take care of the pests without charging too much for it. I was living on a fixed budget, so a fair price was crucial. there was one such company, and I contacted them. They agreed to help me out and they sent their finest men over to my home to take a look at the problem. They saw all of the bugs and the rats that were running around and immediately took out their equipment. They started spraying in the areas where the bugs live and put down some traps for the bugs and rats. They also used a special poison for the rats.

The men were able to get rid of all the rats and said that the bugs would die out in the next couple of days. In the first day, there were already a ton of dead bugs that were all along the ground. i had to do a lot of sweeping to get rid of them. The next couple of days produced more dead bugs, and they were no longer in every room of the house. My nightmare came to an end.

Both of My Parents Needed Help

When my parents were involved in a car accident a few months ago, they both had extensive injuries. They spent some time in rehab, then they were able to go home. I was extremely concerned about them going home so soon, but they both assured me they would be find because of the arrangements they had already made. They had contacted a company that does senior home care in Queens, and they liked everything that the company provides with their in home services. Since I live nearly 500 miles away, I was just glad that they would have professional help at home.

I went to the website that they gave me, and I felt much better after reading about this company in full detail there. I knew that they were in good hands, and I was just relieved that they would not have to take care of the little details on their own. My father broke his right leg and had internal injuries, and my mother had broken her right leg and her left foot, so she was stuck in a wheelchair until she was completely healed. They both still had to go through rehab, and this company even helped with that.

While a physical therapist could have come to their home, it was going to help both of them a lot more if they could go where all of the therapy equipment was. Since neither of them could drive while having broken legs, the company actually provided transportation for them too. Not only did they help with their meals, cleaning and hygiene needs during this time, but they made sure they go to where they needed to be like the physical therapy appointments and doctor appointments. They are getting better every day, and they are getting pretty spoiled too with all of the attention they get from their aides!