Getting the Best TENS Unit for Back Pain Therapy

I go through periods where I need daily therapy on my back just to be able to function at work. I know I have weak muscles in my back. I have been doing light exercises for along time to try and build them up. My back feels as fragile as a dozen of eggs. For home therapy I was looking for the best TENS unit I could find. Instead of spending hours in physical therapy each week, I can use my TENS unit at home. I provides electrical stimulation directly to the affected muscles.

If you dial it up, you can make the muscle groups flex. If you dial it down you just get a slight buzzing feeling in the muscles. This therapy really works with me. I use it a little each day to help keep the pain toned down. Nothing takes it away in its entirety, but the best TENS unit I could find sure does minimize the pain that tries to hang around week after week and month after month. I am not even sure what I did to my back to make it feel like this. All I know is that it can really hurt sometimes.

It used to be that you needed a clinical setting for TENS therapy. Now there are over-the-counter options for TENS therapy that are available without a prescription. You can buy those cheap units in pharmacies, but you really want something that can do a good job in relieving your pain. This is why I took the time to look into getting the best TENS unit I could find online to help me with my back pain. You also want something that does not cost a lot for the patches you need to connect the unit to your skin. Another thought is having durable wires that will hold up as you move throughout your day if you wear it while at work.