Both of My Parents Needed Help

When my parents were involved in a car accident a few months ago, they both had extensive injuries. They spent some time in rehab, then they were able to go home. I was extremely concerned about them going home so soon, but they both assured me they would be find because of the arrangements they had already made. They had contacted a company that does senior home care in Queens, and they liked everything that the company provides with their in home services. Since I live nearly 500 miles away, I was just glad that they would have professional help at home.

I went to the website that they gave me, and I felt much better after reading about this company in full detail there. I knew that they were in good hands, and I was just relieved that they would not have to take care of the little details on their own. My father broke his right leg and had internal injuries, and my mother had broken her right leg and her left foot, so she was stuck in a wheelchair until she was completely healed. They both still had to go through rehab, and this company even helped with that.

While a physical therapist could have come to their home, it was going to help both of them a lot more if they could go where all of the therapy equipment was. Since neither of them could drive while having broken legs, the company actually provided transportation for them too. Not only did they help with their meals, cleaning and hygiene needs during this time, but they made sure they go to where they needed to be like the physical therapy appointments and doctor appointments. They are getting better every day, and they are getting pretty spoiled too with all of the attention they get from their aides!

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