Getting Help from a Dentist in Singapore Was Easy

I recently took my first trip overseas. I had always dreamed of traveling, but because life got in the way so many times, I was unable to take my first trip until this last year. I decided to go to Singapore with a friend of mine, and I had been saving for this trip for a very long time. Soon after arriving, I found myself having a lot of pain in my mouth, and a hotel employee told me that I should see a Conden specialist in Singapore to get help. I was really lazy about going to dentists back in my home country, so I was not really sure to expect from a dentist in another country. However, the entire experience at Conden was really pleasant.

I called to make an appointment, and I told the receptionist that I was experiencing a lot of pain. Because of the pain mention, she made sure to get me in that very day. She said that the dentist would help me to feel better again and not to worry.

I showed up fifteen minutes early to the appointment. I filled out some paperwork, just as we do in the US. I explained that I was having a lot of pain in one of my teeth, but I did not know why it was occurring. The doctor was very prompt and called me in for my appointment on time.

He found a very large cavity in my tooth that I did not realize that I had. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. He immediately got to work on my tooth, and he was done so quickly! He said that when the Novocain wore off, I would no longer feel any pain and that I could enjoy rest of my trip with no trouble at all. He was right about both of those things!

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