Just Got the Site Back on the Web

I am not sure what happened or why it happened, but everything is back in order now. Apparently we were under attack by some person who believed that we have some interest in the current Middle East conflict. I am not sure how this happened. Of course we are a fairly large company. We have people of the Jewish faith and Muslims as well, not a lot of them, but there are a couple. We managed to get hold of a Lisbon website design company and they fixed it for us. Of course it was 2 in the morning on the U.S East Coast and it was 11 PM out here in San Juan de Capistrano. We could not find anyone around here who would answer the phone, but I got to thinking that the sun was up in London. It was not quite up, but I tried a Lisbon company and they fixed it easily.

I suspect that they did not charge us much because they wanted us to to send them some more business, but they could have charged more. We can not have the web page down for any length of time. We are supposed to have what you call a mirror, which is a back up of the original site that you can switch to if you have trouble. However the person who did got into the back end of the site and changed the passwords so that we could not do anything. It was not a big deal to these people, but they knew what they were doing and we did not. It is like that with anything. Rocket science is relatively easy if you are a rocket scientist and you are not trying to do anything like send a rocket to the moon and back.

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